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Our goal

Our goal is to help business leaders and management teams build better businesses.

A better business delivers more value to its customers, creates better jobs for employees and make more profit as a result. It also plays a role in building a better society for everyone’s benefit through tax contributions and social causes.

An ambitious company

There are 125 million businesses in the World and we want to help them all achieve their goals. They can benefit from dynamic business planning and they all need to be managed effectively with highly productive meetings.

With such a massive opportunity we are keen to work with partners who can help businesses get the most out of Goal Driver.

Down to earth

Good business values are common sense but not always common practice.

Even though we are a software company we believe it is important customers feel comfortable with the people behind Goal Driver. This is because you may need support or want to take advantage of our training and consulting.

It’s also crucially important our employees and partners share our business values so customer enjoy the experience. Our core values are based on how we like to be treated – we call them “down to earth” which means being open, honest and fair.

Rooted in numbers

Goal Driver came out of our work with over 250 UK accountancy firms and in-depth research on what makes a successful business.

We believe business management is the most important part of the business jigsaw. It doesn’t matter if you have a great product or service, if you can’t manage projects and people the business will never reach its full potential.

Everything in a business can be given a number and managed using measurements.

Our social side

We are committed to developing an “underdog programme” for business owners who need a helping hand.