Turn Your Firms Website Into A Business Advisory Platform

The All In One Strategic Planning And Execution App

Performance Dashboard

Complete visibility and transparency

Display your client’s key business data so you, your client and everyone in the organisation can see the progress and performance. This level of visibility drives employee engagement and accountability.

KPIs, Projects and Tasks

Design a personalised KPI dashboards and share data between teams. See at a glance the progress of key strategic projects and a list of all the tasks in progress or completed and view by percentage, project or priority.

Strategic calendar

The strategic calendar gives your client and their employees the key dates for meetings, project and tasks.

The One Page Strategy And Plan

Work with your clients to develop a Winning Strategy. Start by helping business owners find their Core Purpose and Values, developing an effective Positioning Strategy and deciding on long term vision for the business.

Add KPI graphs

Choose from a selection of line, bar and pie chart so your clients and you can see and review performance trends over time.

Strategic Projects

Track strategic projects

Help your clients break down their long term goals into quarterly objectives and set up projects. Track the progress of projects in real time and display the progress on the performance dashboard.

Comments and discussion

Comments enable your clients and you to collaborate and to capture discussions with employees and key suppliers.

Focus on what matters most

Identify and set up the 3-5 tasks needed to complete strategic projects. Set the priority, due dates and assign someone to be responsible and track the status.

Choose what projects to display

Your clients can choose which projects they report on the performance dashboard. This allows everyone in the organisation to see the progress the business is making towards its goals.

Performance Indicators

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Help your clients identify the right KPIs to drive their strategic results. Cascade the business goals through the organisation into individual KPIs which are reported daily, weekly or monthly. Encourage your client to increase employee engagement and accountability by everyone having a number.

KPI analytics for greater insights

Use a choice of line, bar and pie charts to make sense of your client’s data. This will enable your clients to see trends in performance and help with business decisions.

Use thresholds to drive performance

Enable your clients to set performance thresholds using the red, amber and green traffic light system. Help your client set the targets to drive employee engagement and develop a winning culture.

Choose what KPIs to display

Your clients can choose which KPIs to share across individual dashboards. This allows everyone in the organisation to see the performance of individuals and teams across the business.

Meeting Manager

Create a use template agendas

Clients will be able to quickly build a library of meeting agendas for board meetings, weekly all-hands reviews departments and individual performance reviews. You can provide clients with templates based on proven meeting methodologies.

Centralise meeting notes

Keep notes in one central place that everyone has access to or download the minutes as a PDF and send around to everyone. Topics can be broken down and discussions tagged as notes, decisions or tasks.

Collaborate and prepare before

An effective meeting starts with good preparation and ends with clear, well documents minutes and tasks. Meeting agendas can be shared before the meeting and key reporting data updated so the meeting flows.

Manage tasks

To help ensure things get done, clients will have a central task list of agreed actions from meetings. The dashboard will show you the list of tasks, progress and priority.