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Business Model Canvas

Start With A Canvas

Use the Business Model and Lean Canvas to help your clients create better ideas and conversations on strategy. The Canvas is a practical tool used by leading business advisers, coaches and universities including Oxford Innovation and Harvard Business School. A Canvas is a great way to help your clients think through and capture the foundation of their business strategy in less than 20-minutes.

The One Page Strategy and Plan

Work with your clients to develop a Winning Strategy. Start by helping business owners find their Core Purpose and Values, developing an effective Positioning Strategy and deciding on long term vision for the business.

Focus on what matters most

Get your clients to focus; who specifically are they going to target, what are the key problems and why their solution is something customers will pay for. Once your client have completed a Canvas a financial forecast can be produced using the key assumptions.

Share, collaborate and innovate

Create and share Canvases so you can collaborate in real-time face to face or with video conferencing. Having unlimited Canvases means your clients can quickly and easily test their and validate their ideas.

Additional Canvases

We have included Customer, KPI and the Personal Goal Canvases to help your clients think deeper about specific topics. You can design your own Canvases and we will build them for you.

One Page Strategy

Develop the strategy

Once the client is clear on their business model you can help them develop their strategy. This start by helping business owners find their Core Purpose and Values, developing an effective Positioning Strategy and deciding on long term vision for the business.

Create the big picture

The One Page Strategy enables your clients to see their business plan on one piece of paper. As well as the key elements of their business model they can record the competition, funding needs, sales and marketing activities with details of the team, key strategic project and partners.

Share and engage employees

Only 14% of employees have a good understanding of their company’s strategy and direction. Encouraging your clients to share their the one page plan with employees is the start of helping them close what Stephen Covey calls the execution gap.

Publish and pitch

Your clients can publish their One Page Plan to a secret page on your Website and send to their bank manager or potential investors.

Business Planning

Use and Develop Templates

Jump start your client’s planning by providing them with a step-by-step template where they fill in the blanks, rather than letting them default to using Word or Google Docs. With your solution your clients can create a professionally formatted business plan which can be downloaded as a PDF.

Engage and Collaborate

Enable and encourage your clients to share the workload of producing plan by collaborating with employees and marketing agencies. You can provide feedback with comments inside the business plan itself.

Link financials to the narrative

Having a detailed business plan with all elements of the plan thought through enables you to build realistic financial model. Use this as the basis to help clients understand their funding needs and then advise on the most appropriate funding plan.

Choose who sees the plan

Let your client’s decide who sees and can work on the plan with unlimited contributors.