About Us

GoalDriver is a More product

More was born with the idea of accountants giving their clients free bookkeeping software, training, and support. This would help business owners give their accountant better data so the accountant could do more than the basic accounts and tax returns.

Hundreds of accountants joined us and thousands of small businesses benefited. a 

The founders

The co-founders are Bob Harper and Tim Pointon who together have developed software and worked with a wide range of accounting firms from start ups to high street firms, up to regional and top 100 practices. 

All the work has had a common theme; developing and helping firms introduce new technology and drive change.

The solution

GoalDriver helps turn business plans into results by using the core principles of Strategy Execution.

The software supports good meeting methodology. The template agendas give you a framework to use. And, the reporting enables you to see the metrics across the business.

Our vision and values

Our vision is for accountants to help make every business remarkable. 

Our core values are to be open and honest (with yourself and others), treat everyone fairly (including yourself) and always do the right thing.